Simple And Effective Ways to Change Your Life

Simple And Effective Ways to Change Your Life

When people think about the concept of “changing their life,” they often think more about large-scale, massive changes that result in their whole lifestyle being changed. However, changing your life is often far simpler than that; it really does not have to be a very complex affair at all! If you want to make it complicated, you have the right to do that, by all means! However, if you are simply looking for a way to change your life in small but meaningful ways that will make a difference in how you view your life, these are a few of the best ways to get started. Read on, and start changing your life!

Learn a new language

The first and most interesting way to begin changing your life is to start learning a foreign language. Now, that may not SOUND like a simple task, but with the technology available now it is as easy as getting on Google to start picking up another language! Computer-based programs like Rosetta Stone and other more complicated software can give you a really premium experience for learning a language, but a program like Duolingo gives you the same experience without having to spend money for it! Duolingo is an online or app-based free learning tool, and it is my favorite one to use in learning a new language. I’m learning French now! Learning a new language can help put you in touch with a culture in ways that you won’t fully know until you try; you will also be able to converse with people of a different background than your own!

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How Meditation Positively Effects Your Brain

How Meditation Positively Effects Your Brain

Believe it or not, meditation is NOT just for monks or people that seek deep spiritual enlightenment. Anyone can get a lot of benefit from meditation! You may not feel like meditation can do a lot for you personally, but you can actually get a great benefit from meditation on a physiological level, not just mentally! Scientists have found that meditation can have a profound influence on your brain chemistry; your thoughts can literally change the way that your body works in reality! Let’s really dive in and find out how your brain can change as a result of something like meditation.

One thing that you need to know about your brain is this: the brain that you have does not have to be the one that you end up with! Here’s what we mean by that. For a long time, scientists believed that the brain was “static,” which means that the brain becomes a certain, unchanging way after a certain age. However, this has turned out to be false; the brain is designed to constant change and adapt to what is going on around you. What this means is that you can actually change the way that your brain works!

There IS a bit of a catch to this. Scientists were not completely wrong when they thought the brain was static; after a certain age the brain does not change as easily as it used to; however, quiet meditation can really affect how your thoughts work!

The key is to practice what is called “mindful meditation.” You know the movies like Star Wars and different Kung Fu movies that tell those that are meditating to “clear their minds?” Forget that. That will not work for you! Your brain will ALWAYS be thinking about something. The key is to make sure that your thoughts are positive, and that you clear your mind of all NEGATIVE things. That’s all there is to it!

There is a lot to this study. One thing that this study shows is that behaviors like kindness, listening, and positivism are learned traits; you teach your mind how to do them through constant practice! In other words, you can learn any mental behavior that you want to; all you have to do is practice!

Think about it this way. If you have a light of some kind on your car, like a powerful LED light bar that really cuts through the dark ahead of you, you can see your way ahead better and thus change your driving behavior as you need to! This is the way that meditation works; it stops you from going through life blindly. You don’t need to go through life without being mindful or without meditating on what you are doing and how you live your life. Don’t allow ANY negativity into your life… Start meditating on what is good and positive in the world! You will be amazed at how much you life will change because of that!